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RIF-9  Digital Impulse Reflectometer
RIF-9 Digital Impulse Reflectometer
Key Features:

● Determining the distance to a fault or discontinuity in symmetric

   and asymmetric cables using a location (time domain reflection)


● Measuring the length of a cable (including those wound on a

   drum) or distance to a fault or a short circuit

● Storing and processing the results of measurements both

   internally or using a supplied PC software

● As part of a Cable Test Van, determining the distance to a fault 

   or discontinuity in cables with length of up to 100 km for all 

   possible fault types without the need of preliminary full cable

   sheath burning


Battery powered Digital Impulse Reflectometer (TDR) RIF-9 designed for determining the distance to a fault in communication and power cables.

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