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Transformer Oil Testers
  Transformer Oil Testers  

The BDV.80kV Transformer Oil BDV
 is used for power networks, railway systems, large scale
petrochemical plants etc. Single chip microcomputer as the core provides a fully automated high accuracy Instrument.


The BDV.402 Transformer Oil Di
electric Breakdown Voltage Tester
 is designed on the basis of GB
86 《Oil insulating testing 》 Results are displayed on the LCD display or printed on the built in Mini thermal Printer and can save up to 100 group test results.


The MT.300 Transformer Oil Moisture Meter (Karl Fisher)   is the latest instrument for the determination of trace water analysis in transformer
oil etc. High resolution colour touch LCD display, which proves to be convenient and easy to operate.


The TD.100 Dielectric Dissipation
Factor / Tan Delta Tester 
 is a high precision instrument, which can be applied to measure dielectric loss angle and Volume Resistivity of insulating oil etc. It is integrated by oil cup for dielectric loss, temperature


The IT.200 Interfacial Tension
Aautomatic interfacial tension tester uses the ring method to measure surface tension of various kinds of liquids (liquid gas phase interface) and interfacial tension of mineral oil and water (liquid phase interface)


The AT.200 Automatic Acidity
  is designed as the special
instrument for laboratories. It has features such as small volume, light weight, high precision, easy operation and environmentally friendly etc.


The DM.100 Oil Density Meter   This instrument is suitable for various applications such as petroleum, electric power, chemical and other industries. Designed in accordance with the requirements of 1884
2000 GB/T method.


The KV.100 Kinematic Visco Meter for Petroleum Products is suitable to for the national standard GB/T265 1988. The instrument
incorporate s PID temperate control
technology featuring a high precision of temperate control.


The DGA.1000 Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analyser Chromatograph  is suitable for
determining the content of dissolved gases in the insulating oil. The minimum detection concentration of acetylene is 0.1ppm.


The CSA.304 Transformer Oil Corrosive Sulphur Analyser.  This equipment is suitable for qualitative analysis of corrosive sulphur in transformer oil and normally adopts copper corrosion detector to test.

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