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Partial Discharge Testing
Laboratory  &  Training  Centre  Equipment 
MI 3088 PV DemoBoard.jpg

The MI 3088 PV Demo Board 

simulates typical photovoltaic (PV) system with one PV module and DC/AC inverter. It represents a typical installation that consist of PV string, DC switch box, DC/AC inverter and one phase connection to the power grid. Demonstration of the measuring methods and procedures on DC and
partially on AC side of a PV system.

MI 3299 HV Demo Box 10 kV.jpg

The MI 3299 HV Demonstration Box 10 kV

has been developed for demonstration
purposes at high voltage insulation diagnostics. It is equipped with high quality resistors in different ranges, high voltage capacitors and a discharge facility to simulate a breakdown phenomenon in gases.

MI 2166 DemoBoard.jpg

The MI 2166  Demonstration Board

simulates common electrical installation usually met in individual house or apartment. It is to be used preferably by sales personnel when demonstrating operation of electrical installation test equipment. Various test methods supported by different test instruments can be presented.

MI 2166 is compatible with all Metrel’s Installation Safety Testers.

MI 3300 DemoBoard PAT.jpg

The MI 3300 PAT DemoBoard

is an excellent instrument for teaching or demonstrating PAT testing. The MI 3300 simulates a wide variety of portable equipment in normal operation or in fault conditions with the simple flick of a switch. The ideal unit for teaching or assessing learning in classrooms, training sessions, demonstration sessions, seminars and on PAT training courses.

MI 3099 DemoBoard.jpg

The MI 3099 Demonstration Board

simulates typical electrical installation usually met in individual houses or apartments with important elements on switchboard and on circut site. Demonstrating operation of electrical installation test equipment, especially the new Metrel’s electrically installations safety testers with built-in AUTOSEQUENCE procedure (MI 3101 EurotestAT and MI 3105 EurotestXA).

MA-2067 Demonstration Board.jpg

The MA 2067 Demonstration Board

is an excellent demonstration and educational tool that simulates real conditions in low voltage electrical installations. Consists of all significant elements of electrical installations like RCDs of different types, fuses, PE equalization bars, 1-phase and 3-phase sockets, various consumers of electrical energy and various grounding systems (TT, TN, IT).


The DB Thermo 

demonstration board is an essential device for every training on non-contact temperature measurement or thermal imaging. It helps to understand emissivity effects of various material and material surface type effects which influence temperature  measurement.


The SRP 

series standard programmable resistors are a source of high resistances used as a reference equipment for calibration and check tests of analogue and digital insulation resistance meters.

Resistance provided by the calibrator can be connected to an external voltage up to 5000 V (SRP-50k0-5T0) or 2500 V (SRP-50k0-10G0 and SRP-50k0-100G0) for a prolonged time

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