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Partial Discharge Testing
Battery Testers & Monitors

The BMS-3923 Battery Monitoring System  to measure battery condition with communication way of power line carrier (PLC). Multi-frequency measurement, users can analyze battery in all aspects including internal resistance, voltage, current, capacitance, temperature and so on.

BDL-3926C battery data logge

The BDL-3926C

battery data logger is a Wireless Monitor for string voltage, cell voltage, current and temperature For different battery systems, it has customized configuration from 12V to 480V.

BT-3915 battery tester

The BT-3915

is a Cost effective tester for regular battery measurement. For testing cell internal resistance/ conductance and voltage will help you eliminate the weak batteries and ensure their performance.

BCD-3932T battry chager/discharger

The BCD-3932T

battery charger / discharger is a compact unit for regular maintenance of single cell, especially for old cell. It plays 3 roles for complete solutions: charger, discharger & activator, for proper  maintenance of your batteries.

K-3980 battery load banks

The K-3980

series customized DC load banks feature unique design and excellent performance that will facilitate your work for battery maintenance. It covers different types of batteries (1.2V, 2V, 6V and 12V).

K-3986 charger/discharger

The K-3986

Charger / Discharger Complex is a Charger or Load Unit for Battery String. The complex unit with one-stop solution for battery maintenance. Suitable for all standby batteries and power batteries: 1.2V, 2V, 6V and 12V

K-3836 ground fault locator

The K-3836

Ground Fault locator for fast location for ground fault in different DC systems. Strong anti-interference when system is working online. Multi-way for location: Current direction, signal strength & phase angle.

K-3837 ground fault locator

The K-3837-DC

is designed for fast detect, trace and pinpoint virtual grounding faults on DC systems where electrical cables have breakage and current is lost to ground. For DC systems like power utilities, locomotive, telecom etc.

K-3838 ground fault locator

The K-3838-DC

is for ground fault tracing, the device uses as low current as microamperes measurement signal and DC current clamp with high resolution. It has no interference to the tested systems.

ISM-200-DC inslation monitor

The ISM-200-DC

Insulation Monitor is designed for the measurement of different types of ground fault, insulation decreasing, AC signal interruption, DC signal interruption and so on.

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