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About Us

ITE Global provides and supports electrical, electronic and communications test equipment, solutions and projects directly to end users. We supply electrical test equipment via a Dealer Network throughout Southern Africa.

ITE Global partners with international manufacturers and provides equipment and project solutions to the Southern African market. These include test and measurement equipment; online monitoring test equipment; industrial equipment, preventative maintenance test instruments. The company also provides services including thermal and power audits, calibration and after sales operator training courses and ongoing maintenance.


ITE Global offers a range of Top class products and solutions, supported by an excellent level of pre and post sales service and consultancy from factory trained personal with specialist knowledge and expertise, to the Southern African market. The company utilises its strategic alliances with its international partners to entrench itself firmly as a leading solution provider for High, Medium and Low voltage test equipment.


ITE Global provides Service, calibration, repair and service level agreements for all our product ranges and other test equipment brands in the market.

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