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Partial Discharge Testing
  Earth & Resistivity Testers  
MRU-200 GPS earth resistance meter

The MRU-200 GPS

is the unique meter in the market which uses all measurement methods. Three types of the measurement impulse (4/10μs; 8/20μs; 10/350μs)  GPS coordinates of the measurement are stored in meter memory.

MRU-200 earth resistance meter

The MRU-200

is the only meter allowing for the measurement of impedance to earth of lightning protection earthing systems.  With the use of the impulse method (without the necessity for disconnecting the measured earthing systems),

MRU-120 eart resistance meter

The MRU-120

meter allows for performing earthing measurements with the use of the two-clamp method without additional rods. Earth resistance measurment with 3-pole,4-pole method

MRU-30 earth resistance meter

The MRU-30

earth resistance measurement with 3-pole, 4-pole method, Selective earth resistance measurement with clamp (no influence from parallel earths; no opening of rusty junctions is needed),

MRU-21 earth resistance meter

The MRU-21

both the MRU-20 and MRU-21 meters have improved immunity to unfavourable operating conditions. Selection of maximal measurement voltage (25 V or 50 V).

MRU-20 earth resistance meters

The MRU-20

measurement of continuity of equipotential bondings and protective conductors with auto-zero function - with current 200mA, Earth resistance measurement with 3-pole method,

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