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   PDS Insight™ Machines
PDS Insight Machine
Compatible Sensors        &       Testing Capabilities :
Rotating machines
Optional Accessories
PDS Insight™ Machines with HVCC
Installation Kit
Key Features:

Detects PD activity in the stator windings of motors and generators (HVCC), electromagnetic radiation from PD in metal-clad plant (TEV), current impulses from PD in cables and accessories (HFCT), and ultrasonic radiation from PD into air from air insulated switchgear and other plant (AA).

Combines PD Level, PD Pulse Count and Cumulative PD Activity measurements across the 50/60Hz cycle.

Supplied with a Smart Docking Station for charging, data download and function checking of the unit.

Onboard data storage for quick testing and Bluetooth® communication to the Android™ Tablet PC for post-test data analysis, benchmarking and trending.

All measurements can be downloaded into a CSV file to enable report writing and analysis.

The peak graph recorded with the HVPD PDS Insight™ Machines can be displayed and recalled on the tablet.

Supplied with BOSE® QuietComfort®Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Multiple language software.


The OLPD Manager™ app on the 10.1” Android™ Tablet PC makes it easy to setup a test record and to carry out repeat testing and monitoring.


Compatible with pre-installed high voltage coupling capacitors (Eg. 80 pF, 250 pF, 500 pF and 1 nF).

Ensures the safe and reliable operation of HV networks, providing an early warning against incipient faults.

The unit’s barcode scanner retrieves sensor location ID from the Point of Attachment (POA) labels automatically.

Optional accessories include the Outdoor Parabolic Receiver (for detecting corona and surface discharges in outdoor HV switchyards) and the Indoor Acoustic Search Probe (to extend the reach of the unit to detect airborne acoustic activity along the seams/ gaps in MV switchgear).

Asset operators and managers with multiple sites and multiple HVPD PDS Insight™ Machines units can now back up and share data across all tablets to provide an asset management global view.

All data between the PDS Insight™ Machines handheld and the Android™ tablet is synchronised via Bluetooth®

"Powering Your Future"
Scope of Supply:
  • HVPD PDS Insight™ Handheld

  • Docking Station

  • Android™ Tablet with OLPD Manager™

  • HFCT 100/50 Sensor

  • Bose QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones

  • Holster

  • POA Label Pack (100x)

  • 2-metre RG223 BNC Cable

  • AC Mains Charger & USB A – Micro B Cables

  • User Manual

  • Hard Shell Carry Case 

  • 3x HVCC sensors

  • Earth bonding cables

  • Termination box

  • RG223 coaxial cables

  • Cable conduit

  • HVCC capacitor boots

  • HVCC jumper cables

Optional Accessories:
  • Indoor Acoustic Probe

  • Outdoor Parabolic Receiver and Laser Enhancement Eyewear

  • Accessories Carry Case

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