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MPI-525  Multifunction Electrical Installation Meter
Key Features:
  • MPI-525 meter allows for performing measurements in sockets with swapped L and N conductors.


  • Quick verification of correctness of the PE conductor connection with the use of a touch electrode.

  • Phase sequence checking.

  • Memory of 990 measurements (57500 individual results), data transfer to a PC over the USB or wireless interface.

  • Battery or rechargeable battery power supply.

  • Real time clock (RTC) - measurement time saved in memory.

Low-voltage measurement of protective connection equipotential and protective bonding:

- measurement of the protective conductor continuity with current 200 mA

  in both directions (in accordance with the EN 61557-4 standard),

- low-current measurement of resistance with acoustic and light signalling,

- automatic calibration of test leads - capability of using test leads of any


Measurement of short-circuit loop impedance:

- impedance measurement with 23 A current (40 A for phase-to-

  phase voltage),

- resistor limiting the current: 10 Ω,

- range of measurement voltage: 95...440 V, frequency 45...65 Hz,

  measurement of short-circuit loop impedance with the resolution of

  0.01 Ω in systems protected with RCDs of I ≥ 30 mA without

  tripping them, Δn

- automatic calculation of short-circuit current; differentiation

  between line and phase-to-phase voltage,

- measurements with the use of a UNI-Schuko plug with a

  measurement triggering button (also with swapped L and N

  conductors) or leads of lengths 1.2, 5, 10, 20 m, with possible use

  of three-phase socket adapters (AGT).

Examination of AC, A and B type residual current devices:

- measurement of general, short-time delay and selective RCDs of

  rated residual current 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 and 1000 mA,

- a function of automatic measurement of the full set of RCD

  parameters (after a single push of the "START" button, the meter

  performs the entire defined cycle of measurements, including the

  L-PE short-circuit loop impedance measurement with 15 mA


- the shape of leakage current characteristics selected by the user:

  sinusoidal (starting with the rising or falling edge), pulsating 

  unidirectional current (positive or negative), pulsating unidirectional

  current with 6mA direct current offset (positive or negative),

  direct current (positive or negative),

- measurement of the I operating current with rising current, A

- measurement of the t tripping time for 1/2I , I , 2I , 5I , A Δn Δn Δn


- measurement of the U touch voltage and the R protective

  conductor resistance B E without tripping the RCD,

- detection of swapped L and N conductors in a socket; no influence

  on the performance of measurements,

- capability of the I tripping current and the t actual tripping time

  measurement A AI with just one RCD tripping,

- voltage measurements in the range of 95...270 V.

Insulation resistance measurement:

- test voltages: 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V and 2500 V,

- insulation resistance measurements up to 10 G ,

- acoustic signalling of 5-second time intervals to facilitate capturing

  time characteristics,

- measurement of 2 absorption coefficients (DAR, PI or Ab1, Ab2),

  adjustable elapsing T , T , T times from the range of 1...600 s,

  1 2 3

- protection of the meter against the presence of voltage on the

  object and the appearance of voltage during measurement,

- automatic discharge of capacitance of the measured object after

  finishing the measurement,

- automatic measurement of all resistance combinations of 3, 4 and

  5-core cords and power cables with the use of the additional

  AutoISO-2500 adapter.

Electrical safety

- type of insulation:                     double, according to EN 61010-1and IEC 61557, EMC

- measurement category:                                                    IV 300 V acc. to EN 61010-1

- protection class acc. to EN 60529:                                                                         IP54

Other technical specifications

- type of insulation ............................... double, in acc. with EN 61010-1 and IEC 61557

- operating temperature ................................................................................... 0...+50°C

- power supply of the meter........ NiMH rechargeable battery or LR14 alkaline batteries

..............................................................................................................(4 pcs - optional)

.*For full Technical Specifications, please refer to PDF Data Sheet

Standard Accessories:
Optional Accessories for the MPI-525:

- Adapter with START button with UNI-Schuko (WS-03)

- Test lead with banana plug; 1,2m; yellow

- Test lead with banana plug; 1,2m; blue

- Test lead with banana plug; 1,2m; red

- Test lead on a reel with banana plugs; 15m; blues

- Test lead on a reel with banana plugs; 30m; red

- "Crocodile" clip K02; yellow

- Pin probe with banana connector; yellow

- Pin probe with banana connector; red

- Pin probe with banana connector; blue

- Test lead with banana plug; 1,8m; 5kV; red

- Test shielded lead with banana plug; 1,8m; 5kV; black

- Pin probe 5kV with banana connector; red

- "Crocodile" clip K04; 5kV; black

- Earth contact test probe (rod); 0,30m - 2 pcs

- USB cable

- Carrying case L2

- NiMH rechargeable battery

- Cable for battery charger

- Power supply adaptor Z7

- Set of hangind straps

- Sonel Reader software, calibration certificate

- probe with UNI-SCHUKO (WS-04)

- earth contact test probe (rod); 0,8m

- software for creation of documentation from

  electrical measurements “SONEL PE4"

- interface for radio transmission OR-1 - receiver

- test lead on a reel with banana plugs; 50m; yellow

- test lead on a reel with banana plugs; 25m; blue

- triple phase socket adapter AGT-16P

- triple phase socket adapter AGT-32P

- triple phase socket adapter AGT-63P

- adapter AUTO-ISO-2500

- RCD breaker testing adapter TWR-1J -

  universal pin


Measurements of earth resistance:

- measurement with the three-pole technical method and 2 auxiliary


- internal voltage source of frequency appropriate for 50 or 60 Hz

  power system (selectable in the meter).

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