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MD 9225 Most Complete Industrial
TRMS AC/DC Current Clamp Meter
MD 9225.jpg
Measuring Functions:

• TRMS AC, DC voltage measurement;
• TRMS AC, DC current measurement;
• Capacitance measurement;
• Resistance measurement;
• Diode test;
• Frequency measurement;
• Continuity test (acoustic signaling);
• Temperature measurement.

Key Features:

The MD 9225 is a versatile current clamp meter with perfect combination of size and built-in functions. It measures AC/DC current and voltage, capacitance, temperature, full range resistance and captures In-rush current. Display with large
easy-to-read figures and one-handed operation make MD 9225 an extremely easyto- use. This compact instrument combines a high level of functionality, small size and portability. All built-in features make MD 9225 a perfect tool for advanced applications.

• Clamp on + Full Multimeter ranges: measures current up to 400

  A AC/DC.

• Jaw size: 26 mm.

• In-rush: fast 30ms Crest-MAX mode to capture in-rush currents.

• Temperature: measures temperature in Celsius up to 537 °C and

  in Fahrenheit up to 999 °F.

• Transient protection: it protects user in case of lightning strike or

  switching surge up to 6.5 kV.

• High resolution: 4000 counts enable fast measurements.

• Relative zero mode: relative function for comparing the

  difference between signals or removing background noise.

• Hold: data hold function freezes the display for later view.

• Safe: CAT IV / 300 V, CAT III / 600 V overvoltage protection.


• Solar and wind power system testing;
• UPS system testing;
• Utility scale battery system testing;
• Working in small enclosures.

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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