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MD 9210 Current clamp
MD 9210.jpg
Key Features:

Versatility, sturdy case, high accuracy and lots of measurement functions are key features of the current clamp MD 9210. If
you’re looking for a universal current clamp offering good value for money, look no further!

• Auto-ranging on all ranges

• LCD display, 3-3/4 digit, 4000 count

• Data hold function

• Acoustic signalling on continuity test

• 26 mm jaw opening

• Resistance measurement up to 40 MΩ

• Capacitance measurement from 100 pF to 3000 μF

• Protected against wrong connection

• CAT III/600 V overvoltage category

Measuring Functions:

• DC and AC voltage up to 600 V
• AC current measurement up to 600 A
• Resistance measurement
• Continuity test
• Diode test
• Frequency measurement
• Capacitance measurement

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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