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HVTS-HP  High Voltage Tester
HVTS-HP  High Voltage Tester

The High-power high-voltage testers of HVTS-HP series are designed for testing an insulation of high-voltage cables and other non-liquid dielectric materials with both AC and DC voltage up to 140 kV.

Typically this series includes testers which have a test voltage 70 kV DC/50 kV AC 50 Hz and 100 kV DC/100 kV AC 50Hz. There are two common modifications for each model mentioned above

which can bring output power value of 7.5 kVA and 17.5 kVA.

Any other special models, which have test voltages up to 250 kV with a power of up to 40 kVA are available on customer’s request.

*For full technical specifications please refer to PDF Data Sheet

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