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 Kronos® Permanent Monitor
HVPD Kronos Permanent Monitor
Compatible Sensors
Key Features:

Supports condition based maintenance (CBM) schemes reducing unplanned outages, downtime and maintenance costs.

Alerts via SMS texts or emails with flagged partial discharge activity and advice on timely remedial action.

The 24-channel HVPD Kronos® Monitor captures up to six (6) signal channels synchronously using its unique full cross point Smart Multiplexer.

With 24 sensor inputs, a single HVPD Kronos® Permanent Monitor covers up to four HV motors.

All HVPD Kronos® monitors are networked and communicated back to the central Monitoring Server (PDMS) for coordination and organisation of data.

Advanced OLPD identification and noise separation is achieved through synchronous data capture on multiple channels.

Remotely accessible via a wide range of industry communications standards, including Modbus and DNP3.

Permanent network monitoring solution:
Partial Discharge Monitoring Server (PDMS)

The HVPD Kronos® monitoring systems communicate back to a central Partial Discharge Monitoring Server (PDMS) located at the control centre for co-ordination and organisation of data, supervisor interface and

management, and for upload to the secure HVPD OLPD Measurements Database©.

The system can accurately identify and locate insulation faults thanks to the advanced statistical waveshape analysis algorithms of the HVPD Kronos®.

The PDMS acts as data concentrator for a network of nodes providing a

single point of access for all partial discharge data.


View real-time data for a particular node.

View events and trend data for individual channels.

Display 2D / 3D events data.

Regenerate trend lines and reclassify PD retrospectively (within the training period).

Adaptively configure the smart multiplexer to perform precedence and/or coincidence measurements using a fixed array of sensors. This vital feature enables next generation noise discrimination and incipient fault location.

Complete circuit monitoring

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