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  8890/8891  Marker Locator 
8890/8891 Marker Locator 
Key Features:

• 8 frequencies locate standard utility markers for

  Power, Telco, CATV, Water, Sewer, and Gas

• Wide sensitivity range for finding deeply buried


• Scan feature highlights markers in the vicinity

• Digital marker depth estimate

• Backlit digital display for low-light reading

• Compact design folds for easy storage

• Weather proof membrane buttons

• Made in the U.S.A.

Short Description: 

The 8890 & 8891 are dedicated multi frequency passive utility marker locators for professional locators. This offers companies the option to equip themselves with the capability of marker locating without purchasing expensive and redundant equipment. The Marker Locators can locate the eight major utility markers — power, water, sewer, gas, telco, CATV, reclaimed water, & RYCOM’s unique marker — in one easy to operate unit.


The 8891 may be ordered with any combination of needed marker frequencies. Choose water and sewer, telco and CATV, or power and telco frequencies for a locator that fits your specific needs. A scan feature allows the user to quickly identify any nearby marker and verify the frequency of each marker in the area. This is also useful for ensuring a marker is not misread. The utility marker will detect and isolate the highest reading during the scan and provide the frequency and utility.

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