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UV-260 Corona Camera
UV-260 Corona Camera

corona emitting sources

Key Features:

UV-260 isan innovative NDT - Non Destructive Testing equipment, that detects, pinpoints and documents flash-arc corona and arcing partial discharge camera!

  • high sensitivity to UV signals

  • precise location of corona emitting sources

  • auto focus of UV and visible channels

  • background noise reduction

  • 5.7" folding and touch colour LCD

  • voice or LED UV events alarm

  • rapid optical zoom of the visible channel

  • video & image capturing, recording and playback

  • built-in GPS

  • UV events counter

  • UV-260 report software for documentation


Being with high sensitivity UV-260 is a power tool to detect UV emission in full daylight with high signals from faraway and nearby sources. UV-260 is an ideal predictive maintenance device for overhead transmission lines and high voltage substations.

UV-260 is newest genaration of UV imaging system with an emphasis on high performance functionality and easy operation, it is widely used in transmission line inspection, electrical utilities, HV research institutes, HV electrical component inspection, HV panal inspection, service providers, laboratories and more.

*For full Technical Specifications, please refer to PDF Data Sheet

Standard Accessories:

- AC power adapter,

- 2pcs Li-ion battery,

- charger,SD card,

- SD card reader,

- video cable,

- car power adapter,

- software CD,

- warranty card,

- strap,

- transport case

- manual

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