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TDR.750 Time Domain Reflectometer
Key Features:

●  Fully automated measurement and display of the fault distance

●  High measurement resolution thanks to the 200 MHz sampling      rate

●  Simple, interactive menu navigation in several languages

●  Touch screen and press key operation

●  Touch operating screen with smart gesture operation

●  Support cursor drag drop function and double click function,          easy to locate

●  Simple function menus with high performance.

●  Large colour LED touch screen for ease of use.

●  Simple function menus with high performance

●  7" LED screen,160 160°viewing angle, easy view in full sun

●  (PIP copy pic. temporary storage). There'll be a main window        and three temporary storage windows could check three                waveforms together.

●  Waveform storage and PC communication

●  Special software management for software upgrade, backup

    and restore in device.

●  Waveform storage and communication with computer.

●  Internal storage of waveform.

●  Optional mini printer for waveform printing

●  Support connection with PC or laptop

●  Power management

●  Back light weakens if no operation in 2 min and power off in 10

    min. if not operational.

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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