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  STICK v3  Pathfinder Locating System 
STICK v3 Pathfinder Locating System 
Key Features:

Built with Pathfinder SAF Technology™ at its core,TheStickv3 offers RYCOM’s most sophisticated technology in an economical package. Pathfinder SAF Technology™ is the heart of our premium locators, now RYCOM is applying this proven technology throughout the entire product line. For quick simple locates, even in the most demanding of locating environments, users can depend on TheStickv3.

Dependability is not only driven by the internal technology, but TheStick is built to last with a carbon fiber housing and sealed against weather.

The ruggedly designed and well balanced receiver includes an LCD screen providing relative and actual signal strength, as well as a speaker for variable audio pitch. With two line locate modes to choose from, a peaking signal response and left-right guidance, the instrument can be operated for quick and simple locating or it may be dialed in to minimize interference.

FrequencyFlex™ ensures flexibility to match the needs of the most complicated locating environments. As standard the unit is equipped with 4 active frequencies; 815Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz & 82kHZ.

Transmitter functions include transmitter induction, coupler induction and direct connection. Whether the locate is measured in feet or miles, with automatic impedance matching from 5 ohm to 25,000 ohms and 3 watts of output power, TheStick will meet the challenge. Rycom Instruments, Inc. locators are designed and manufactured to make utility locating as accurate as you need and as simple as you want.

STICK Kit & Accessories: 

STICK Receiver

Multi-frequency receiver with digital display

PLS Transmitter

1 watt transmitter with disposable C-cell batteries capable of direct connection, transmitter induction and coupler induction

Carrying Case

Padded cases for receiver


Operations manual


Six C-cell batteries and 8 C-cell batteries included for immediate use.

Direct Connection Cord

Direct connection cords with 20ft reach

Ground Rod

Ground rod for independent ground

PLS Transmitter

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