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  PEG Marker 
PEG Marker 
Key Features:

• 8 frequencies locate standard utility markers for 

  Power, Telco, CATV, Water, Sewer, and Gas

• 3 sensitivity settings for finding deeply buried markers

• Scan feature highlights markers in the vicinity

• Backlit digital display for low-light reading

• Compact design folds for easy storage

• Weather proof membrane buttons

• Made in the U.S.A.

Application Description: 

The best maps are prone to error, landmarks don’t always last for generations, memories fade and even the best tracer wire will corrode over time. To save money, to save time, to protect buried infrastructure, and to protect persons excavating RYCOM offers the Passive Frequency Marker.

Passive Frequency Markers are a battery less device used for marking the position of buried cables, pipes, valves, solenoids, splices and access points.. A locator is used to sweep an area and pinpoint buried markers. Since each utility uses a unique frequency the user can quickly and confidently identify the target device.

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