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P-900  Ground Microphone - Surge Wave Locator Set
P-900 Ground Microphone

Acoustic sensor

Key Features:

● Searching for the underground communication and power 

   cables using inductive method

● Determining the depth of cable location

● Finding the short circuit points in the cables

● Finding the location of underground high-voltage power cables

● Insulation damage using an acoustic method


Surge wave locator set P-900 should be used with an auxiliary frequency generator of 1024 ・} 1 Hz/ 2048 ・} 2 Hz and no less than 200 W of output power at the load range from 0.5 to 200 Ohms (e.g., GZCH-2500) when searching using the inductive method.

The receiver should be used with an auxiliary pulse generator (peak voltage of 10.5 kV – 32 кV/ 150 J –2000 J pulse energy), e.g. SWG-6 when searching using the acoustic method.

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