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MPI-530  Multifunction Electrical Installation Meter

Bluetooth Mini Keyboard (optional)

Measurement of short-circuit loop impedance:

- impedance measurement with resolution 0,001 Ω and 23 A current

  (44 A phase-tophase)

- short-circuit resistor R =10 Ω ZW

- measurement range: 95...440 V, frequency 45...65 Hz,

- measurement of short circuit loop impedance with resolution

  0,01 Ω, in protected systems without tripping the RCD’s with

   I 30 mA Δn

- automatic calculation of short-circuit current, differentiating

  between phase-tophase and phase-to-neutral voltage,

- measurements using UNI-Schuko plug with measurement

  triggering button (also when L and N leads are exchangeable) or

  1,2 m, 5 m, 10 m, 20 m test leads, with optional use of 3-phase

  socket adapters (AGT),

- selection of installation protections and automatic evaluation of

  measurements results.

Tests of residual current devices (RCD), types AC, A and B:

- measurement of general, short-time delay and selective RCD’s

  with rated residual current of 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 and 1000 mA,

- automatic measurement of all RCD parameters (when the START

  button is pressed, the meter performs the whole measurement

  cycle, including the L-PE short circuit loop impedance 

  measurement with 15 mA current),

- user selected waveform of forced leakage current: sinusoidal (start

  from increasing or decreasing edge), unidirectional pulsating

  (positive or negative), unidirectional pulsating with DC bias

  (positive and negative), direct (positive and negative),

- measurement of tripping current I using the ramp current, A

- measurement of tripping time t at ½I , 1I , 2I and 5I , A

- measurement of touch voltage U and protective conductor

  resistance R B E without the RCD tripping,

- detection that L and N conductors are switched in the socket; will

  not affect the measurement,

- measurement of tripping current I and actual tripping time t at

  single activation A AI of RCD,

- measurement for 95...270 V voltage.

Insulation resistance measurement:

- test voltages: 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V,

- insulation resistance measurements up to 10 G ,

- capability of in-socket measurement with the use of the UN

  Schuko adapter,

- acoustic signalling of 5-second time intervals to facilitate capturing

  time characteristics,

- protection of the meter against the presence of voltage on the

  object and the appearance of voltage during measurement,

- automatic discharge of capacitance of the object after finishing the


- automatic measurement of all resistance combinations of 3, 4 and

  5-core cords with the use of the additional AutoISO-1000C 


- acoustic signalling of five-second periods to enable determining

  the time profile during the insulation resistance measurements

Measurements of earth resistance:

- measurement with 3- and 4-pole methods with 2 additional


- measurement with the 3-pole method with and additional clamp,

- measurement with 2-clamp method.

Key Features:

MPI-530 meter is a multi-functional instrument for electric shock protection measurements including the option of various methods for measuring earthing and earthing resistance.

  • Measurement and recording of voltage, frequency, AC, cosφ and power

      (active, reactive and apparent), voltage and current harmonics up to 40, 


  • Quick verification of correctness of the PE conductor connection with the use of a touch electrode.

  • Phase sequence checking.

  • Innovative memory with description of measurement points, facilities,

       names of customers (max. 10000 results of each measurement).

  • Power supply from rechargeable of disposable batteries (optional).

Low-voltage measurement of protective connection
and equipotential bonding resistance:

- continuity measurement of protective conductor with 200 mA current in

  both directions,

- low current measurement with sound signal,

- autocalibration of test leads – leads of any length can be used.


Electrical safety

- type of insulation:                     double, according to EN 61010-1and IEC 61557, EMC

- measurement category:                                                    IV 300 V acc. to EN 61010-1

- protection class acc. to EN 60529:                                                                         IP54

Other technical specifications

- power supply:.................... Ni-MH rechargeable or LR14 alkaline disposable batteries

                                                                                                             (4 pcs.) (optional)

.*For full Technical Specifications, please refer to PDF Data Sheet

Illuminance measurements:

- range of measurement: 0.1 lx...19.9 klx,

- measurement in lux (lx) or foot-candle (fc),

- measurement using external photo

   detector (optional)

Standard Accessories for the MPI-530-IT & MPI-530:
Optional Accessories for the MPI-530:

Earth measurement –

two-clamp method.

- Adapter with START button with UNI-Schuko (WS-03)

- Test lead with banana plug; 1,2m; yellow

- Test lead with banana plug; 1,2m; blue

- Test lead with banana plug; 1,2m; red

- Test lead on a reel with banana plugs; 15m; blue

- Test lead on a reel with banana plugs; 30m; red

- USB cable

- Pin probe with banana connector; yellow

- Pin probe with banana connector; red

- Pin probe with banana connector; blue

- "Crocodile" clip K02; yellow

- "Crocodile" clip K02; red

- Earth contact test probe (rod); 0,30m (2 pcs)

- Bluetooth mini-keyboard

- Carrying case L2

- Set of hanging straps

- NiMH rechargeable battery

- Lead for battery loading from the socked of car lighter (12V)

- Cable for battery charger

- Power supply adapter Z7

- Sonel Reader software

- Calibration certificate

- Adapter WS-04 with UNI-Schuko

- Adapter AutoISO 1000C

- Test lead on a reel with banana plugs; 50m;

- Test lead on a reel with banana plugs; 25m; blue

- Test lead with banana plug 5m; red

- Test lead with banana plugs; 10m; red

- Test lead with banana plug 20m; red

- Current clamp C 3

- Current clamp C-6

- Transmitting clamp N1 (with test lead)

- Flexible clamp F-1 Ć 40cm

- Flexible clamp F-2 Ć 25cm

- Flexible clamp F-3 Ć 13cm

- Triple phase socket adapter AGT-16P

- Triple phase socket adapter AGT-32P

- Triple phase socket adapter AGT-63P

- Triple phase socket adapter AGT-16C

- Triple phase socket adapter AGT-32C

- Adapter for industrial sockets AGT-16T

- Adapter for industrial sockets AGT-32T

- Light meter probe LP1 with WS-06 plug

- Box for batteries

- Mini bluetooth keyboard with casing

- RCD breaker testing adapter TWR-1J

- Earth contact test probe (rod); 0,80m

- Software for creation of documentation from

  electrical measurements "Sonel Reports"

- Hardware Adapter for Sonel PE program

- Software „SONEL Schematic”


Illuminance measurement.

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