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MIM.7505 Multi Impulse Mode Filter
Key Features:

●  In a first step, a TDR.750 does a low voltage reflection
    measurement of the cable, not "seeing" the high resistive fault.


●  In a second step the energy of a surge generator is released

    into the faulty cable, passing through the arc stabilising filter


●  This surge causes a flashover at the weak spot in the cable.

●  Simultaneously, the MIM triggers the TDR and automatically
    couples a standard TDR reflection measurement onto the HV

●  The TDR can now "see" the low resistive arc at the weak spot
    as a short-circuit. This picture is stored as fault-picture and
    compared with the previously measured reference picture.

●  The point of separation of the two traces is the fault location
    and the TDR Teleflex will indicate the distance to the fault.


Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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