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MI 3299 HV Demonstration Box 10 kV
MI 3299 HV Demo Box 10 kV.jpg
Key Features:

High voltage Demonstration Box 10kV has been developed for demonstration purposes at high voltage insulation diagnostics.
It is equipped with high quality resistors in different ranges, high voltage capacitors and a discharge facility to simulate a breakdown phenomenon in gases.

Additionally measurements of polarization index (PI), dielectric discharge (DD) and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) can be demonstrated.

Packed with all these features the demonstration box is also well suited for basic calibration of DC high voltage insulation resistance instruments.

• 10 kV rated resistors with very low voltage coefficient



• Resistive decade with 200 kΩ, 500 MΩ, 200 GΩ and 2 TΩ

• Demonstration of insulation breakdown in gases

• 5 different errors can be preset by »fault« switches.

• HV capacitors in 2.5 μF and 5 nF range

• Lightweight and portable design


• Basic calibration of DC high voltage insulation testers
• Demonstration of insulation diagnostics measurement with DC

  test voltage

• Demonstration of HV insulation testers for sales purposes

• Training centres, schools, laboratories

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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