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MI 3210 TeraOhmXA 10kV
MI 3210 TeraOhmXA 10kV.jpg

• Power transformers;
• Measuring transducers in distribution networks;
• Testing insulation resistance of rotating machinery and

• Production line periodic testing and maintenance;
• Troubleshooting and analysis of all kinds of insulation

• High voltage generators;
• Surge arrestors.

Measuring Functions:
Key Features:

• Insulation resistance up to 20 TΩ;

• Adjustable test voltage (50 V...10 kV) 50 V and 100 V step;

• Programmable timer;

• Capacitance measurement;

• Charging rate for capacitive load < 3 s / μF at 10 kV;

• Automatic discharge of test object after completion of


• Guard terminal

• High voltage breakdown detection;

• Custom defined tests

• Auto adjustment function

• Measurement results in numerical and graphical form;

• PC software HVLink PRO for downloading and analyzing of the

  test results and test report printing;

• Isolated RS232 and USB communication ports, BT interface;

• High quality accessories including shielded test leads in standard


• High EM interferences protection: Input AC current noise

  rejection (1 mA∞600 V) and additional averaging of the result (5,

  10, 30, 60);

• CAT IV / 600 V;

• Mains and rechargeable battery power supply.

MI 3210 TeraOhm XA 10kV is a portable, battery or mains powered test instrument with excellent IP protection (IP65), intended for diagnosing of Insulation Resistance by using high DC test voltages of up to 10 kV. Because of its robustness (CAT
IV protection) and high immunity to radiated RF fields it is best suited for industrial environment.

• Insulation Measurement;
• Diagnostic Test (PI, DAR, DD) ;
• Step Voltage Test;
• Withstanding Voltage Test (DC) up to 10 kV;
• Voltage and frequency measurement up to 550 V TRMS.

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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