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 MI 3100 EurotestEASI
MI 3100 Eurotaest EASI.jpg

• Maintenance and troubleshooting

• Building and constructing


Key Features:

The MI 3100 EurotestEASI is a lightweight and compact electrical installation tester offering:

• Effective, clearly visible Back-lit display

• Evaluation of the results PASS or FAIL

• Jogger interface with TOUCH electrode

• Help menu with connection diagrams

• Functional conformity: EN/IEC 60364; EN 61557; BS 7671; CEI

  64.8; HD 384; VDE 0413  CE conformity: EN 61010; EN 61326

 connection diagrams
Continuity Test

Continuity test - carried out at standardized both polarities 200mA test and allows automatic nulling of test leads. Electronically protected against in-correct connection.

Insulation Test

Insulation test - 100 V, 200 V, 500 V and 1000 V DC. Reads up to 1000 MOhm to provide early indication of faults. Electronically protected against in-correct connection.

Complete RCD Analysis

Complete RCD analysis RCD's trip out time and trip out current as single or automatic 6-step test: 0° x 1/2, 180° x 1/2, 0° x 1, 180° x 1, 0° x 5, 180° x 5, for type A and AC. Built in PASS band for fast evaluation of results.


Allows for fast and accurate non trip loop testing in the presence of any RCD. Also allows for touch voltage readout levels.


Line/Fault Loop Impedance and Isc

Automatically calculating Ipsc with custom adjusted safety factor. A built in table of Fuse characteristics allows the instrument to indicate a PASS or FAIL.


Help menus with short guide and graphical circuits are enclosed to all the instrument's functions. Complete needed information in onlt one press away on the HELP button.

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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