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MI 2093 Line Tracer
MI 2093 Line Tracer.jpg

• Electrical installations testing;
• Cable networks testing;
• Pipe installations testing;
• Telecommunication systems testing.

Key Features:

The MI 2093 Line Tracer is a universal instrument intended for tracing hidden conductive paths under plasters in walls, floors and ground or for determining one wire in a tuft of wires.


Fuses or outlets belonging to a certain loop can be located as well.


Line Tracer helps the operator to resolve hidden line problems easily (short circuits, interruptions, breakages).

• Detection depth up to 2 m can be achieved.

• Works on both, energized and non-energized systems.

• The highly sensitive Receiver R10K detects injected signal around the measured line or object.

• Three levels of sensitivity adjustment: low, middle and high. Each level can be additionally precisely adjusted.

• Dual, bar-graph and buzzer indicator ensures indication in dark and noisy environment.


• Tracing cables in walls, ceilings, floor and ground;
• Tracing live or voltage free cables;
• Locating cable interruptions and shortcircuits in cables;
• Locating concealed sockets and distribution boxes;
• Locating fuses and assignment to circuits;
• Determining an individual wire in a bundle of wires;
• Tracing pipe installations and other conductive loops.

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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