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MI 3242 MicroOhm 2A
MI 3242 MicroOhm 2A.jpg
Key Features:

MI 3242 MicroOhm 2A is a portable low resistance ohmmeter used to measure low resistances of switches, relays, connectors, bus bars, power distribution cable joints, motor & generator winding, power transformers, power inductors, rail track joints, wire and cable resistance, welding joints for industrial application, etc., with test current up to 2A

• High overvoltage protection (CAT III / 600 V) allows measurement in substations and other points with low line resistance.

• Internal protection cicuit protects user and instrument from
inadvertent connection to lines.

• 50 Hz / 60 Hz ripple detection and rejection.

• When powered from internal battery it enables more than 800
measurements of 500 mΩ load ∞ 2 A test current & 15 s
measurement duration.

• Pre-programmed limits with PASS/FAIL evaluation of measurement result and bright GREEN/RED indicators providing visual evaluation of the results.

• Large 128 x 64 dots matrix display with backlight offers easy to read results and all associated parameters.

• Lightweight portable design.

• Up to 1500 test results with timestamp can be stored in internal

• PC SW HVLink PRO enables downloading, review, analyses and
printing of test results.


• Bidirectional resistance measurement from 1 μΩ up to 199,9 Ω with test current up to 2 A

In inductive mode:
• Motor & generator winding
• Power transformer
• Power inductors
• Wire & cable resistance

In resistance mode:
• Ralays
• Switches
• Connectors
• Busbars
• Power distributor cable joints
• Welding joints

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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