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MI 3088 PV Demonstration Board
MI 3088 PV DemoBoard.jpg
Key Features:

Demonstration board MI 3088 simulates typical photovoltaic (PV) system with one PV module and DC/AC inverter. It represents a typical installation that consist of PV string, DC switch box,
DC/AC inverter and one phase connection to the power grid. It is intended for use preferably by sales personnel for demonstration of the measuring methods and procedures on DC and
partially on AC side of a PV system.

• With this demo board all electrical tests according to EN 625446 can be demonstrated: continuity, isolation, open circuit voltage Uoc, short circuit current Isc and polarity.

• It simulates an I/V characteristic of a PV module/string.

• Simulated output of the irradiance and temperature sensor.

• Simulation of a DC/AC inverter with one DC input and single phase output.


• Presentation of testing of a PV system;
• Demonstration of PV test equipment by sales personnel.

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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