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MD 9240 Power Clamp Meter
MD 9240.jpg
Key Features:

The MD 9240 is a high-quality and extremely easy to handle power clamp meter. The current clamp enables TRMS AC
current measurement up to 1000 A, single-phase power analysis, DC, AC voltage measurement, temperature measurement
and more. As a result, the current clamp is suitable for maintenance and checking of distribution systems, switchboards and motors, or in systems where the supply network is heavily contaminated with harmonics.

• Auto-ranging on all ranges

• LCD display with backlight, 3-3/4 digit, 6000 count

• Peak-hold function

• Acoustic signalling on continuity test

• 45 mm jaw opening

• Single-phase power analysis

• Resistance measurement up to 999.9 Ω

• Temperature measurement

• COM port

• Optional PC software

• Protected against wrong connection

• CAT III/600 V overvoltage category

Measuring Functions:

• DC and TRMS AC voltage up to 600 V
• AC current measurement up to 1000 A
• Resistance measurement
• Continuity test
• Frequency measurement
• Contact temperature measurement
• Power factor
• Power (W, VA, Var)

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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