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MA 2067 Demonstration Board
MA-2067 Demonstration Board.jpg
Key Features:

Demonstration Board MA 2067 is an excellent demonstration and educational tool that simulates real conditions in low voltage electrical installations. The Demonstration board consists of all significant elements of electrical installations like RCDs of
different types, fuses, PE equalization bars, 1-phase and 3-phase sockets, various consumers of electrical energy and various grounding systems (TT, TN, IT). The MA 2067 Demonstration Board provides simulation of different types of faults in electroinstallation. Complete testing and troubleshooting of the installation is possible by using suitable instruments. MA 2067 is compatible with all Metrel’s Installation Safety Testers.

• 65 different measurements in accordance to EN 61557 are possible (insulation resistance, continuity of PE conductors, earth resistance, specific earth resistance, line and loop impedance, phase rotation, leakage current, RCD testing, voltage and frequency).


• 19 different errors can be selected on a lockable distributor.

• Different types of RCD are integrated for measurement of trip-out time, trip- out current and contact voltage

• Simulation of TT, TN and IT earth systems.

• Possibility of connection to single phase or 3-phase supply system.

• Booklet with theory and exercises for schools and training centers is included in a standard set.


• Education of students of electrotechnical specialities.
• Education and practical training of electrical contractors about

  measurements on low voltage electroinstallations.

• Demonstration on how to use different measurement

  instruments by sales personnel.

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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