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LFG-50 / LFG-200p & PT-14 Tracer  (Cable Route Tracer)
LFG-50 / LFG-200p & PT-14 Tracer

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Key Features:

● Portable and lightweight *

● Moistureproof and dustproofcase *

● Advanced LiFePO4 internal battery with fast charging option *

● High-contrast graphic OLED display

● Multifrequency operation

● Operating frequencies can be changed upon request

● Internal transmission loop antenna

● Automatic load impedance matching

● Ability to work with energized 0.4 kV cables (inductive 


● Overload protection


LFG Low-Frequency Generators, when operated in conjunction with a receiver, can be used for locating as well as tracing underground metal communications, such as any cables with metal cores as well as metal pipes. In addition, they provide operators with a quick detection of short circuits on cables as well as with an identification of a cable in a bunch.


LFG is a 50W (for LFG-50) and 200W (for LFG-200P) low-frequency generator with ability to inject a signal of three frequencies via direct connection to an object or via internal transmission loop antenna, which is built-in a cover lid. Basic frequencies are 491; 982 and 8440 Hz. There are options of using a single frequency or multi-frequency signals at the output.


LFG-200P is a low frequency generator which is used as a built-in device in ETL-series cable fault locators. A load matching is made automatically.

Main parameters, such as output power, load impedance, selected frequency are shown on OLED display. If a load is higher than 1000 Ω LFG automatically switches into output voltage setting mode. The output overload protection will trip, when operating on short-circuit loops (lower than 0.5 Ω).

PT-14 Tracer

Fast and accurate search for power  cables  and  other

communications, identification of  coating  defects  and  

the depth, followed  by  mapping.

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