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LFG-2500   Low Frequency Generator
LFG-2500   Low Frequency Generator
Key Features:

● Portable;

● Moistureproof and dustproof casing;

● High-contrast OLED display;

● Automatic load impedance matching;

● Overload protection.


The generator LFG-2500 in conjunction with the receiver PT-14 is designed for tracing underground metal distribution lines and fault location across all power cable types. In addition, the tracing set LFG-2500 & PT-14 makes it possible to efficiently pinpoint shorts on power cables.


The LFG-2500 is a low frequency generator featuring automatic load impedance matching and smooth adjustment of output current. The generator operating principle is based on a special method of low frequency

modulation of the output signal. Modulation is performed by rectangular pulses with the frequency of 1 Hz in such a way that during the first half-period of the modulating voltage a signal with the frequency of 1024 Hz is

generated, and a signal with the frequency of 2048 Hz – during the second half-period.

The advantage of this modulation method is that, provided there is a receiver with receiving frequencies of 1024 Hz and 2048 Hz (such as PT-14), the signal of both frequencies can be received while the switch between the two is done on the receiver itself. In the continuous generation mode, the signal with the frequency of 1024 Hz is generated.

PT-14 Tracer

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