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K-3838  DC Ground Fault Locator

Signal Analyzer

*For full Technical Specifications, please refer to PDF Data Sheet.

  • Measures voltage between DC system and ground ranging from 0 to 300V.

  • Measures grounding resistance up to 999KΩ for both busbars and each branch circuit

  • It detects and measures AC voltage which interrupts in DC system. Detection range is from 0 to 288V.

  • It performs the function as accurate current meter with resolution up to 0.01mA.

  • Arrow indication effectively helps users trace the signal and pinpoint the ground fault.

  • Waveform display for tested circuit, indicating insulation status and current changes in tested circuit, it help users fast and effectively locate the point with grounding fault.

  • It tests and displays distributed capacitance in the system in real time.

  • Fast signal positioning for the point of ground fault for both negative and positive busbars with the help of waveform and signal direction.

  • Signal analyzer has different working modes like amplitude adjustment, frequency adjustment and waveform view which are very helpful for signal fault location in high resistance grounding.

  • The analyzing function of signal frequency spectrum effectively helps extract the testing signal amplitude which makes measurement more accurate.

Key Features:

Safe to use: It could quickly pinpoint the ground fault without injecting signal to DC system. There is no interruption to DC system itself during signal fault location with its built-in model for current and voltage limitation.

High reliable designing  It adopts main system of 16-bit micro-processor. Hardware designing strictly follows EMC standard to ensure reliability of itself and its tested systems.

Precise measurement  It adopts high accurate current clamp for signal tracing and precise ADC for voltage sampling. This ensures the accurate measurement of voltage and resistance.

User-friendly interface  It has LCD display with vivid information indicating grounding status, waveform, insulation leveling, insulation resistance, leakage current, and direction of ground fault and so on. This user-friendly interface makes it easy and effective to use onsite.

Intelligent measurement function

  • Signal analyzer can automatically identify system voltage leveling.

  • When insulation resistance has any change, signal analyzer could quickly indicate the changes.

  • Distance will not affect the signal detection once the signal analyzer and detector are synchronized.

  • During fault location, current clamp could either clamp on single cable or multiple cables for faster and more effective signal tracing.

  • Signal detector will indicate the direction of ground fault on screen once it detects any insulation problem.

  • Complete measurement and trouble-shooting function

  • Signal detector and analyzer have wireless communication. Complete

       measurement and info displaying function could handle different types

       of insulation problem in DC system.

  • Signal analyzer has different working modes like amplitude adjustment, frequency adjustment and waveform view which are suitable for different complicated applications.

  • Railway and Transit: signal, communication, and locomotive electric equipment

  • Power Utility: DC system with faulty grounding

  • Industrial Facilities: electric safety equipment for general power distribution applications

  • Telecommunication: electronic equipment with faulty grounding

Standard Accessories:
  • K-3838 Signal Analyzer

  • K-3838 Signal Detector

  • Qty. (1) Signal Testing Leads with clips

  • Qty. (1) AC Current clamp with cable

  • Qty. (1) DC Current clamp with cable

  • Qty. (4) Batteries

  • Battery Charger

  • Carrying Case

Signal Detector

Ф30mm clamp

Ф40mm clamp

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