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K-3836  Ground Fault Locator

*For full Technical Specifications, please refer to PDF Data Sheet.

Functional Display:

Frequency analysis

Multi-ways to find ground fault

Key Features:
  • Fast location for ground fault in different DC systems

  • Strong anti-interference when system is working online

  • Innovative dual-range current detector with direction sensitivity

  • Multi-way for location: Current direction, signal strength & phase angle

  • Patented technology, pinpoint current leakage fault with grounding resistance lower than 400kΩ

  • Innovative dual-clamp for signal receiver, each clamp has two sizes of opening jaw for different conductors

  • One pair of clamp working together, effective cancel capacitive interference when DC system is online

  • Precise current direction (positive or reversed) indicating for leaking current help fast locate the faulty grounding

  • 10Hz output frequency on signal receiver effectively avoids interference from DC system itself

  • Signal receiver can set reference in different points for signal comparison, very fast for fault orientation

  • Digital signal processing technology for detecting grounding resistance and capacitive resistance

  • With built-in band pass filter to bypass different interference signals in the ambient environment.

  • No disconnection of the electrical installation, ground fault location is carried out during operation

  • Frequency spectrum analysis can test ambient frequencies, which helps analyze the surrounding environment.

  • Signal generator with adjustable output voltage (24V~1000V) for different DC systems

Standard Accessories:

- Functional signal receiver

- Dual-clamp with 2 conductor sizes

- Carrying case

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