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HVT-70/50  High Voltage Tester
HVT-70/50  High Voltage Tester
Key Features:

● High resistance to external environmental influences

● Mobility

● Advanced protection and safety features

● Analog indicators

● Overcurrent protection

● Operator protection



For technical specifications on the HVT-70/50 High Voltage Tester,  please  refer  to  PDF Data Sheet


HVT and HVTS testers perform DC high-voltage testing of power cables (IEC 60502-2), power cables accessories (IEC 61442) as well as AC high-voltage testing of switchgear, reclosers, dielectric insulators, high-voltage dischargers (arresters), busbars and other dielectric materials with relatively low electric capacitance.

Both devices consist of a Control Unit and a High-Voltage Unit. High-Voltage units of both HVT and HTVS can be supplied with either transformer oil as an insulating material (HVU-L) or with sulfur hexafluoride as an insulating material (HVU-G). Thus, there are four modifications offered: HVTS+HVU-G, HVTS+HVU-L, HVT+HVU-L and HVT+HVU-G. We recommend using either HVTS+HVU-G or HVT+HVU-L.

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