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GM.850N Ground Microphone
Key Features:

●  Integrated function of acoustic magnetic synchronization
    method, the step voltage method (optional)

●  Intelligent pinpointing method to calculate the acoustic
    magnetic delay value

●  Background noise reduction function

●  Auto muting function to avoid the noise

●  Electronic compass function to display the angle between
    cable route direction and sensor. It’s very useful for quick
    pinpointing acoustic channel filtering parameter adjustable

●  Auto gain adjustment function for easy use, automatic
    trigger by magnetic field

●  High performance anti noise headphone

●  Water proof IP 65 for outdoor application

●  Colour LCD to make clear display in full sun light

●  Power supply management: power off automatically in 5 min.        without action; Power off also when low battery voltage Built in

    Li ion battery

●  Quick charging below 4 hours

●  Use environment: 20 ℃~60 ℃,5 90% RH, elevation <4500m

●  The second silent technology in the new GM.850N.

●  As soon as one approaches the handle, the sound switches          off, before the hand touches the handle. No cracks or bangs.

●  After removing the hand, a short delay ensures, that the
    GM.850N sensor is standing stable and possible
    mechanical oscillations have ceased, before the headset
    is activated.

Technical Specifications and Accessories:

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