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   KEP-100/-70/-70p/-12t Cables for HV Testing   
Cables for High Voltage testing
PDF Data Sheet

Flexible silicone frostproof high-voltage cables KEP-100,

KEP-70 and KEP-70p are suitable for high-voltage testing both

as part of ETL vans and separately, as well as for use in the

measuring circuits of tgδ insulation (KEP-12t).


Сable test vans ETL-40V and ETL-80V made by KharkovEnergoPribor  as a means of testing and detecting cable faults are are both supplied with flexible silicone frostproof highvoltage cables, which retains its flexibility at the temperatures as low as minus 40˚С.



For more information on the KEP-70 / KEP-70p & KEP-12t cables, please refer to PDF Data Sheet

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