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8879 v3 - 5watt & 10watt Locating Kit 
8879 v3 5watt & 10watt Locating Kit 
Optional Accessories:
Key Features:
  • The 8879v3 Series offers FrequencyFlex™ allowing users to adapt the system to their specific needs.

  • From crowded easements to long runs of pipe, the 8879v3 is a dependable locate package.


  • The lightweight and well balanced receiver provides both relative and actual signal strength.


  • Signal response is indicated by LCD and via variable audio pitch.


  • Push-button depth and current measurement along with four signal response modes — peak, pinpoint peak, directional and null — allow the user to minimize interference and maintain the locate on the target conductor.

 8879 v3 - Kit & Accessories :

8 8 7 9 Receiver
Multiple active & passive frequency receiver with depth & current measurement

8 8 7 9 Transmitter
5 watt transmitter with disposable D-cell or rechargeable batteries capable of direct connection, transmitter induction and coupler induction

Direct Connection Cord

Direct connection cords with 20 ft reach

Ground Rod

Ground rod for near end independent ground

Carrying Case
Separate padded cases for transmitter and receiver

Manual & DVD

Operations manual Operations and Locator Theory DVD.


Six C-cell batteries and 12 D-cell batteries included for immediate use.

Inductive Coupler 4 " I. D.

4" I.D. inductive coupler used to apply signal on live cables when direct connection is not possible. Operational frequency range 8kHz to 82kHz.

Inductive Flexi - Coupler 7 " I. D.

Flexible coupler with 7" I.D. applies signal on cables when direct connection is not possible. Dual frequency (82kHz & 815Hz)

Cable & Pair Identifier

Used to identify the target cable at the open far end. Used to ensure correct tagging or providing an independent far end ground.

Ground Connection Extension Kit

Two 15ft cords and 2 ground rods for reaching desired grounding location

Sonde [Available in 5 1 2 H z , 6 4 0 H z , 8 1 5 H z , 8 k H z & 3 3 k H z ]

Self contained signal transmitter with 25 foot range can be used in non-pressurized conduits and pipes to track path and pinpoint blockages.

External Probe

The external antenna aids in cable identification, underwater locating and signal reception when the receiver can not fit.

Exploring Coil

The exploring coil for locating wiring within walls and cables within cable bundles

Protective Carrying Case

A heavily padded protective case for equipment during transport and use


Mono jack headphone aids when working with background noise

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