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  8873 v3  Sonde Camera & Locating System 
8873 v3 Sonde Camera & Locating System 
Key Features:

Simple, inexpensive & ideal for locating camera inspection systems and sondes the 8873SD is an effective solution for sewer inspection and drain cleaning.


Available with either 512Hz & 33kHz or 512Hz & 82kHz ensures tracking of any manufacturer’s camera or sonde system operating on these common frequencies.


Based on RYCOM’s long line of locators the 8873SD offers a simple to operate system with proven technology. Push-button depth along with peak signal response allows the user to minimize interference and maintain the locate on the sonde or inspection system.

Rycom Instruments®, Inc. locators are designed to make utility locating as accurate as you need and as simple as you want.

8873 Kit & Accessories: 

8 8 7 3 Receiver

2 active frequency receiver with digital depth measurement

Carrying Case

Padded cases for receiver

Manual & DVD

Operations manual and Locator Theory DVD.


Six C-cell batteries and 8 C-cell batteries included for immediate use.

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